Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

To perform the installation of the power plant land; customer needs, countries are projected based on the nature and conditions of the campus. Promax Stationary Concrete Batching Plants protect the environment, offers the ability to use without harming the environment and the people.

Concrete Batching Plants
Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Relying on short-term construction projects, the world’s leading companies in the contractor uses a compact design, easy to carry from one place to quickly and Promax Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, developed as a result of long-term R & D efforts, highly engineered products.

Concrete Batching Plants
Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Compact “Plug-and-Play” concrete plant
fitted with all necessary equipment,
electrical wiring to be completed
and shipped. Very little remains on site and the assembly process can be obtained from plant as soon as possible.

Concrete Batching Plants
Agrega Feeding Unit

Thanks to aggregate feeding system, you do not need to install a high-cost ramp with high operating cost. Rubber-Band pours the aggregates directly into the on-site feeding unit instead of pouring into the container through the loading crane. This saves about 60% of the fuel, while it prevents the loader damages as well as the high cost of ground investement.

Concrete Batching Plants
Concrete Mixers

We produce our planet mixers, single and twin shaftings with Promax assurance for many years, providing a low-mix concrete production, homogenous mixture in a short time and maintenance-free bearing system.

Concrete Batching Plants
Automation System & Control Unit

Promax uses the Promax 4.4.3 software developed by Promax engineers in its concrete batching plants. Promax, which offers ease of use and more than customer demands, also received full marks from its users.

Cement Silos And Drive Systems

Cement silos are used for storing cement. General use areas are mainly used in fields such as concrete plants, cement factories, construction chemicals plants, gypsum factories. can be divided into main class.