• Low slump concrete production
  • Homogenous mixture in a short time
  • Maintenance free bedding system

Planet Mikser

  • Low slump concrete production
  • Homogenous mixture in a short time
  • Maintenance-freebedding system

Single Shaft

  • Homogenous mix in a short time
  • Concrete mass production
  • Fasilly replaceable bedding seals

Twin Shaft

  • Low slump concrete production
  • RCC concrete production
  • Homogenous mixturein a short time
  • Easily replaceable bedding seals

The planetary concrete mixers are suitable for low slump concrete production and provides homogenous mixture in a short time period. These systems are maintenance free systems that are long lasting. If producing concrete in a short time is demanded, the planetary concrete mixers would be so suitable for any kind of requirements for your constructing yard. As Promaxstar Concrete Batching Plants, we can provide high-quality planetary concrete mixers for all countries of the world.

Loading Capacity 1500 lt
Fresh Concrete Capacity 1250 lt
Compacted Concrete Capacity 1000 lt
Motor Power 37 kW
Number Lever Mixer 6
Mixer Side of Body Wear 10 mm ST52
Wear The Mixer Base 12 mm NISOCO 400 (JAPON)
Mixer and Scraper Pans 20 mm Ni-Hard 4 Döküm
Water Dispenser
Hydraulic Drain Cover
Maintenance Cover Safety Switch

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