Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete Batching Plants leader manufacturer in Turkey, Promax, is the choice of more than 900 firms in 85 countries.. Finding ideal batching plants will be so easy with Promax’s special solutions like stationary, mobile or compact batching plants. In order to produce concrete, components such as water, sand, cement, broken stone, gravel should be mixed in certain proportions. The facilities where these operations are performed and loading to the transmixers are  batching plants. These plants are composed of electronic, mechanical, hydraulic systems and equipment that adjust, control and move the mixing ratio of all materials forming concrete. Our company also produce mobile, compact and stationary batching plants for special purposes.

 The Mixing Process Concrete Batching Plants

Precision and Efficiency at the Concrete Batching Plants In order to produce superior concrete, precise proportions of water, sand, cement, broken stone, and gravel must be meticulously mixed at the concrete batching plant. Promax batching plants incorporate advanced electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic systems to precisely control and adjust the mixing ratios of all materials. This ensures consistent and high-quality concrete production

Customized Solutions for Special Applications Beyond

The standard models, Promax specializes in manufacturing concrete batching plants tailored for specific purposes. Whether it’s a mobile concrete batching plant for remote construction sites, a compact concrete batching plant for urban environments, or a stationary concrete batching plant for large-scale projects, Promax delivers customized solutions to meet unique requirements.

Meeting the Demands of the Global Market Promax’s

Commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction has enabled them to establish a strong presence worldwide. With a comprehensive network of partners and distributors, Promax ensures seamless support and service to its clients across the globe.

Conclusion With its Cutting-Edge Technology

Wide range of solutions, and unmatched industry expertise, Promax continues to shape the future of concrete production through its advanced concrete batching plants. From small-scale projects to large infrastructure developments, Promax’s concrete batching plants stand as the pinnacle of efficiency, precision, and quality.


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Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

To perform the installation of the power plant land; customer needs, countries are projected based on the nature and conditions of the campus. Promax Stationary Concrete Batching Plants protect the environment, offers the ability to use without harming the environment and the people.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Relying on short-term construction projects, the world’s leading companies in the contractor uses a compact design, easy to carry from one place to quickly and Promax Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, developed as a result of long-term R & D efforts, highly engineered products.

Concrete Batching Plants
Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Compact “Plug-and-Play” concrete plant
fitted with all necessary equipment,
electrical wiring to be completed
and shipped. Very little remains on site and the assembly process can be obtained from plant as soon as possible.

Agrega Feeding Unit

Thanks to aggregate feeding system, you do not need to install a high-cost ramp with high operating cost. Rubber-Band pours the aggregates directly into the on-site feeding unit instead of pouring into the container through the loading crane. This saves about 60% of the fuel, while it prevents the loader damages as well as the high cost of ground investement.

Concrete Batching Plants
Concrete Mixers

We produce our planet mixers, single and twin shaftings with Promax assurance for many years, providing a low-mix concrete production, homogenous mixture in a short time and maintenance-free bearing system.

Concrete Batching Plants
Automation System & Control Unit

Promax uses the Promax 4.4.3 software developed by Promax engineers in its concrete batching plants. Promax, which offers ease of use and more than customer demands, also received full marks from its users.

Why Us?


PROMAX was established in 2004 at Ankara/Ostim in a factory which has1000m2 areas and developed in short time with a great performance in the sector andthen established its’ 2ndfactory which has 12.000m2 areas. It is contributing to Turkish Industry with its 3 engineers and 30 personnel.

Since the day it was established, it has only been producing batch plant (concrete plant) and has become an expert by focusing on batch plant.


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Customer-oriented development strategy aimed at full satisfaction.

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Without compromising quality, customers and suppliers based on trust to develop long-term and lasting relationships.

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Functional and advantageous to our customers to offer concrete plants with the aim of “quality product”.

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