Concrete batching plants come in several types, each designed for specific purposes and construction requirements. The main types of concrete batching plants include:

Stationary Concrete Batching Plants:

Stationary plants are set up at a fixed location and are suitable for large-scale projects where a consistent supply of concrete is required. They typically have higher production capacities compared to mobile plants. PROMAX Concrete Batching Plants, are highly recommended in the long term far the production of ready-mixed concrete and its pouring at the building sites. This plant is capable of producing all types of concrete, stable and runs smoothly with the trust of spare parts service in addition ta the high quality which make of it the first preference of the professional users. PROMAX stationary concrete plants maintain the integrity of the environment they are used without damaging neither the environment nor the human being.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants:

Mobile plants are designed to be transported to different construction sites, offering flexibility and versatility. They are ideal for projects that require frequent relocation or for remote locations where access to ready-mix concrete may be limited. The installation process is quick, with the start-up feature in a short period with minimum infrastructure requirements, making Promax concrete plant the professional solution far temporary necessities. With regard ta short-term construction projects, the world’s leading construction companies are using integrated design, with the rapid and easy transportation of Promax Concrete Batching Plant from one place ta another, evolving as a result of long-term R & O efforts far highly engineered products.

Promax Mobile Concrete Batching Plants have different capacities of concrete production ranging from 35 m3 / h up ta 120 m3 / h; mobile products have changed the habit of low production capacity, and the capacity of the hard mobilization into the advantage of the power of combining competing batching plants.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants:

Due to the difficulties in the transportation and installation of concrete machinery, Promax concrete batching plant with integrated “plug and play” system has been developed for this purpose. Promax concrete batching plant with build-in “plug and play” system features field/ construction site mobility with production and shipment operations for concrete. Promax concrete batching plant with a “plug and play” system is equipped with all the necessary equipments, with all the works and electrical wires being shipped. There is very little installation left on the construction site. it takes only a short time for the concrete batching plant to begin operating.