For Kırık Tunnel, which started as be built from İspir town as as a continuation of Ovit Tunnel that is one of the largest tunnels and has been continuing to be built between İkizdere town in Rize and İspir town in Erzurum on Erzurum-Rize land route, PROMAX MOBILE 100 and PROMAX FIXED 100Concrete Plants are being used.  When completed, Kırıl Tunnel will shorten the said land route for 33 kilometres and 1 hour of time, and provide an opportunity for a safer and more comfortable ride.

When the tunnel, which is in the third place in terms of length among the tunnels that continue to be built in Turkey and of which progress is at 35 percent, is completed; it will shorten Erzurum-Rize land route for 33 kilometres. In the tunnel construction, which started last year and is planned to be completed in 2018, employs 300 workers.

When the tunnel, which is also expected to contribute to the commerce and tourism of the country  besides the comfort in the transportation, is completed; is planned to shorten the travel time between Rize and Erzurum for 1 hour. With travel time between Rize and Erzurum reduced to 2 hours after the tunnel opened to traffic, transportation of tourists especially coming from Black Sea to Erzurum for skiing in winter is aimed to be facilitated.

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