Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Stationary concrete batching plants are specially designed batching plants systems for the requirements of customers. We consider the special features of location, nature and construction yard. Promax Star Stationary Concrete Batching Plants protect the environment, offers the ability to use without harming the environment and the people. The stationary concrete batching plants are suitable for bigger projects in different locations of the world. You can contact us via our special contact forms if you want to get special offer about our high-quality concrete batching plants. We also offer mobile and compact concrete batching plants for your special requirements in any country of the world.

Characteristics of Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

The installation of concrete batching plants is very easy thanks to modular systems. The installation period of these power plants which are assembled by bolting and sliding without the need of welding is 5-6 days even under the most difficult conditions. In this way, as well as fixed areas, it can be easily transported from one site to another. Maximum efficiency is easily achieved with concrete batching plants, which offer practical and effective solutions to meet the needs at every level. They also save time and turn them into profit by ensuring the correct use of business resources.

Our special stationary concrete batching plants have been developed in accordance with international standards (DIN norms) and are designed for heavy duty and climatic conditions. In this way, they can offer uninterrupted production solutions by working 24/7 without sacrificing production quality. Thanks to their extremely easy and practical installation for businesses in every region of the world; they have become an alternative to quality production by saving on purchasing costs. The fully automated automation system facilitates operator management and monitoring and control of the production process, eliminating possible use and production errors. Thus; they save time and costs required for maintenance and production, and offer uninterrupted and rapid production in uninterrupted areas of need.

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