Promax C60 L

Promax C60 L

  • Cheap Shipping (just 2 piece 40 FO/T via container or 2 piece standart via it’s trailer)
  • Quick İnstallation
  • Easy And Simple Using


Concrete plants due to difficulties in transportation and installation container made to fit exactly the Promax Star “Plug-and-Play Compact” system gelişitirmiştir concrete plant. Promax Star’s “Plug-and-Play Compact” concrete plant construction / site mobilization and start at the end and has the advantages of concrete üretmnde öneml transplant. Compact “Plug-and-Play” concrete plant fitted with all necessary equipment, electrical wiring to be completed and shipped edilmektedr jobs. Very little remains on site and the assembly process can be obtained from plant as soon as possible.

Plant Capacty
Compacted Concrete Capacity 60 m³/h
Mixer Specifications
Mixer Type Panmikser – Single Shaft
Dry Capacity 1300 lt
Mixer Capacity 1000 lt
Motor Power 15 kW
Cement Silo
Capacity ( Welded or Bolted) 75-100-200 ton
Sib Quantity 1,2,3,4 adet
Air Compressor
Capacity (Welded or Bolted) 900 lt/dk.
Working Pressure 7-8 bar
Motor Power 5.5 kW
Aggregate Hopper
3 Bins 3 x 20 m³ = 60 m³
Aggregate Weighing Belt
Width 800 mm
Length 4200 mm
Motor Power 7,5 kW
Aggrate Weighing Group 2000 kg
Cement Weighing Group 530 kg
Water Weighing Group 300 lt
Additives Weighing Group 40 kg
Cement Silo And Screw Conveyor
Diameter 219 mm
Length 8000 mm
Motor Power 7,5 kW

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