Planetary Concrete Mixer

Planetary Concrete Mixer

  • Low slump concrete production
  • Homogenous mixture in a short time
  • Maintenance free bedding system


Planet Mikser

  • Low slump concrete production
  • Homogenous mixture in a short time
  • Maintenance-freebedding system

Single Shaft

  • Homogenous mix in a short time
  • Concrete mass production
  • Fasilly replaceable bedding seals

Twin Shaft

  • Low slump concrete production
  • RCC concrete production
  • Homogenous mixturein a short time
  • Easily replaceable bedding seals
Loading Capacity 1500 lt
Fresh Concrete Capacity 1250 lt
Compacted Concrete Capacity 1000 lt
Motor Power 37 kW
Number Lever Mixer 6
Mixer Side of Body Wear 10 mm ST52
Wear The Mixer Base 12 mm NISOCO 400 (JAPON)
Mixer and Scraper Pans 20 mm Ni-Hard 4 Döküm
Water Dispenser
Hydraulic Drain Cover
Maintenance Cover Safety Switch

The planetary concrete mixers are suitable for low slump concrete production and provides homogenous mixture in a short time period. These systems are maintenance free systems that are long lasting. If producing concrete in a short time is demanded, the planetary concrete mixers would be so suitable for any kind of requirements for your constructing yard. As Promaxstar Concrete Batching Plants, we can provide high-quality planetary concrete mixers for all countries of the world.

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