Automation System & Control Unit

Automation System & Control Unit

Ready mix concrete production, computer-controlled automatic dosing takes place on the basis of an automation system. Prepared according to the different requirements of the system by installing concrete mix formulas, production command is given, the amount of material required for the mixture of formula (cement, aggregates, additives, water, etc.) are automatically passed through to weighing, mixing appropriate amounts of the process is completed. Aggregates, aggregate blending on the tape, then moved to pan mixer, cement, cement, cement silo kantarına stored and transported here. Additive mixture with water after the last component to be transferred to the water pan mixer are mixed and blended with a little water in a bunker bunker emptied. All components are collected in pan mixer, concrete mixer mixing mixture starts and is ready to be transferred. At the beginning of the computer control system “switchboard operator” has, at the end of the manufacturing process automatically received from the output (delivery notes), by the accounting document, but also to fulfill the order, and ordering criteria indicates whether the content of the concrete, a technical document. When talking about ready-mix concrete plant automation, should not be understood only in the production of automatic dispensing. Automation of the most important technical element of a ready-mixed concrete batching plant, plant automation, but there are also applicable to other units. Process monitoring, production reporting, alarm monitoring, order management, production planning, inventory control, truck scales, mixers monitoring, quality control laboratory reporting, etc. areas, the ready-mix concrete plant components that require automation.

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