Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Mobile concrete batching plants are used in short term projects generally. These plants can be carried from any place to another because of mobility advantage. Promax Star Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, developed as a result of long-term R & D efforts, highly engineered products. Many construction projects that have insufficient time prefer mobile concrete batching plants to complete the projects in a short time. You can contact us via our special contact forms if you want to get special offer about our high-quality concrete batching plants. We also offer stationary and compact concrete batching plants for your special requirements in any country of the world.

Characteristics of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

This kind of batching plants, while offering ideal alternatives according to every need; with their high performance and capacity, practical but robust structures and guaranteed concrete productions, they ensure the correct use of operating resources and turn time into profit. The installation of mobile concrete batching plants is very easy thanks to modular systems. The installation period of these power plants which are assembled by bolting and sliding without needing welding is 2-3 days even under the most difficult conditions.

This kind of concrete batching plants can be transported with a single towing machine since all components are designed to be placed on the main chassis. Optionally, the feeding unit can be used. The concrete batching plants can be placed in the desired location according to the conditions of the construction sites. The main advantage of this systems will be low transportation costs and earning time during installion process.

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