Aggregate Feeding Unit

Aggregate Feeding Unit

  • Mobile and fixed options
  • Assist your wheel loader
  • Up to 60% fuel savings in fuel expense used in aggregate loading
  • No need for a loading ramp
  • Remote controlled
  • Night vision camera and T.V. are available

Thanks to the aggregate feeding unit, you do not need to make high operating cost loading ramps in the field. The wheel loader pours the aggregate into the feeding unit installed on site, instead of climbing the ramp and pouring it into the bunker. In this way, fuel savings of up to 60%, wheel loader failures and costly field investments have been prevented.

Product features
Dimensions 800 mm x 18.000 mm
Electric motor 15 kW
Bunker Capacity 6m3
Band Tire EP 125 800 mm
Aggregate Spreader Gutter
Remote control
Night Vision Camera
Walking Platform
One-Sided Walkway

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